Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

From Williamsburg to 5th Avenue

I'll rework all those articles later. Sorry for the poor writing part. As far as I know people prefer pics over my writings anyway, right?:) So enjoy...

I love that picture.

Me on Top of the Rock.

The bus the guy from the Simsons drives.

Dolphins rape people.

In Williamsburg

Nice poems on Williamsburg Bridge, there are more;)...

Traffic jam from Williamsburg to Manhattan.

Outside the Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue

Still Rockefeller Center

Central Park and I'm running out of Captions...

Stretch Limo in front of a Hotel


Williamsburg Bridge still in Brooklyn

Top of the Rock

Mobile devices change the way people interact in the city, walk through museums and of course take pictures.

King of Queens?


Jägermeister rabbit

Big Apple

Houses on the other side of the MoMa.

Prezels, Hot Dogs and some Orthodox jews.

Position:Patchen Ave,,Vereinigte Staaten

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